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With over 20 years experience, Walk On offers the best quality dog walking services in Goosnargh, Preston second to no other dog walking company in the area.

We have a dedicated and fully insured, dog walker in Goosnargh as part of our team who will walk your dog in the local Goosnargh area in a variety of different scenic settings where we are able to give your dog the exercise he or she requires.

We can offer group dog walking on short and long term contracts. We may also be able to walk your dog on an individual basis if required. We only walk dogs who are friendly with other dogs and people so you can have peace of mind that your dog will be walked in a safe environment.

We help clients for a variety of reasons such as people who have long term or short term illnesses, people with irregular working patterns and also holiday cover. Unlike other dog walkers in Goosnargh, we are not a one man band meaning we can cover annual leave ensuring you are not left without a dog walker.

We offer a 7 day a week dog walking service including evenings and bank holidays. We also provide dog walking over the festive period.


We also have our own secure 3 acre private woodland and pasture, so if you prefer we can collect your dog in our fully equipped pet taxi, walk your dog in our woodlands offering beautiful countryside surroundings, then drop off your dog once the walk is complete.

The private woodland is located at our family home in the semi rural village of Inskip where your dog can play and run freely due to our secure location which is fantastic for social interaction.


Our dog walks are fun filled and action packed for those lively dogs who have plenty of energy to burn off, or for those less energetic dogs they can just go for a nice leisurely stroll and do things at their own pace.

We cater for every dog’s ability. We aim to give all the dogs as much physical and mental stimulation and interaction as possible as boredom and insufficient exercise can lead to destructive behaviour such as chewing, barking and maybe even aggression.

Whether you would like your dog walked in the local Goosnargh area, or you choose our secure private woodland – your dog is sure to have lots of fun! If you have any questions about our dog walker in Goosnargh please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We also offer puppy visiting services tailored to your requirements. Walk On will work with you to ensure your puppy receives the right level of socialisation and stimulation in their early development, leading to a more confident and well balanced dog.

Dog Walking Preston - French Bulldog


You’re given a full range of deals and options to best suit your circumstances. Walk On will always offer what we believe are the best and most competitive packages available to you recognising that everyone’s circumstances are different. Our wide range of services provide the right level of affordability to meet your needs designed to give you the best possible experience at the most competitive price.

At Walk On we only walk friendly dogs to ensure each dog enjoys their experience receiving plenty of exercise and has plenty of opportunity to interact with other friendly dogs.


  • Working late at the office?
  • Away for the day?
  • Does your dog get bored with nothing to do?
  • Unable to walk your dog because of health reasons?

Let us give your dog the daily exercise he or she needs.

We can provide dog walking when you are unable to, and we pick them up and drop them off in our fully equipped pet taxi.

All dogs need daily exercise, it helps keep them healthy, socialised, happy and out of trouble. It helps to stimulate their minds as well as their bodies. Walk On recommends that a dog be walked for at least 30 to 40 minutes a day.

We will come to your house, walk your dog nearby, or we can transport him or her to a suitable area for a nice long walk.

Dog walking couldn't be easier, contact us for a discussion on how you would like us to exercise your dog.


Walk On offers the best quality dog walking and animal services second to no other dog walking company in Preston, Lancashire.

We offer Fully Licenced Home Boarding and bespoke Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services for owners who need to leave their dogs and pets for any reason.

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